Basic Things to Learn in Digital Marketing

  Want to learn Digital Marketing and got confused where to start? No problem. I have faced the same thing when I was getting started in digital marketing. Well, today I’m going to teach you the very basic steps of getting started with digital marketing and you can practically apply these steps to grow in the digital industry. Anybody who is interested in marketing can learn this simple basic steps and grow in digital marketing. Let’s start.

In this article, I’m going to discuss about the topics such as The fundamentals of marketing, Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing, CATT Marketing Funnel and many more things.

In my perception marketing is a great skill that attracts consumers to give their important time to listening us. If they hear what we are saying we got a lead.

The fundamentals of Marketing:

The fundamental purpose of marketing is not just to sell the products/Services to make a profit. But is is more than that. We are helping consumers getting the right product as per their requirements at the right price. And targeting the right audience who could potentially buy our products. We always have to focus on group of audience who have the power to buy our products. For example, we can’t sell luxury cars to people who are struggling for their daily meals. It’s not possible. Finding the right prospect is the key thing in marketing. And using the right promotion method is also important in marketing.

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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing:

In today’s digital world demand increasing for digital marketing more than traditional marketing. But we cannot ignore the power of traditional marketing because it’s reach rate is higher than digital marketing. Compared to traditional method digital marketing is cost effective and more flexible because we can target audience based on age group or their search behavior. But this is not possible for traditional marketing. It creates mass impression. Nowadays, startups are more likely to go for digital marketing rather than traditional one because of it is more customizable as per requirements. And for small business digital marketing is the only option. In digital an individual can market his/her services throughout the world easily.

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For example, small used car dealer can not give ad on TV or newspaper because it is costly for him. In digital marketing he can promote his agency in or around 20 or 30 kms which is cost effective and chances of conversion is high.

CATT Marketing Funnel:

CATT means Content, Awareness, Trust and Transaction. These are the things required for running a successful marketing funnel.

Content: This means the product/service we are offering for consumers. The more quality product we offer, consumers are more likely to buy. Without product there is no marketing.

Awareness: We have to create awareness about our product among people. If they don’t know our product is exist in the market they don’t buy. We have promoted our product and make sure it is reaching our audience.

Trust: Awareness and quality product builds trust in people. Trust is the key thing in marketing. Trust is a long term thing. For example, I never used Apple phones. But I trust Apple more than other brands. This kind of trust we have to build. One day it gives priceless result. It is digital or traditional marketing trust always remains same.

Transaction: If people trust our product automatically transaction happens means sales will happen. For example, if anyone wants to buy an Apple phone him don’t worry about quality and other things. Because he has trust in Apple. He just go and get the phone he wanted.

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Image showing CATT chart

These are about CATT marketing funnel.

Integrated Digital Marketing:

This means multiple marketing strategies used in digital marketing such as E-mail marketing, Social media marketing, SEO, Influencer marketing and many more. As I told earlier in digital marketing we can easily reach our products/services to the world through various strategies. For example, I can sell the course to anywhere in the world with minimum cost and generate more revenue.

Image showing Integrated digital marketing strategies
Image showing Integrated digital marketing strategies

Personal Branding:

Personal branding is the a unique way of marketing by building ourselves a brand or any other individuals. It creates trust among people. People believe in humans more than a company or an organization. If we build ourselves as a brand people will follow us and whatever we do new things it don’t require much marketing or awareness because it’s already built by personal branding.

For Example, Mukesh Ambani is personal brand and he started Jio. It became very popular and grown very speed because people trusted Ambani more than Jio. This is called personal branding. Our personal brand influences people to buy our products/services.

My personal experience in marketing:

I’m not a full-time marketing professional. But I do marketing of insurance for passive income. My experience are, people will not worry about paying high price if they feel our products is worth. And they more talk about the benefits of our product for them. If we approach in a right way consumer will most likely to buy our product/services. This is my experience.

And in general marketing helps companies to know the needs of consumers and they design products/services accordingly. Rather than just trying to sell the product marketers need to focus more on consumer buying behavior or market trends. Marketing helps to create the strategies or tactics to sell the product. Through marketing we can reach a target audience who can potentially buy our products.


Now you have learnt that the basic things to get started in marketing. Not only skills, but marketing also needs passion. If we don’t love the job we are doing, we can’t get more out of it. Now I believe that you are able to target audience of your niche and how you can use digital marketing for running cost effective ads and you know the value of personal branding and the various strategies you can use in digital marketing. And if you want more about digital marketing you can check and join the internship program to learn more. Hope this helps! Thank you!

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